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WebDirect Chrome Phone Keyboard Behavior

Question asked by JamesBusch on May 2, 2015
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WebDirect Chrome Phone Keyboard Behavior

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Hi FileMaker People -

I'm hosting a database on FMServer 13.5 with WebDirect enabled.  I have a small detail layout with only a few edit box fields.  It fits a smartphone nicely with room for the pop-up keyboard in Chrome.  When I make a new record and put the cursor in the first field of the layout, the pop-up keyboard starts oscillating between displayed and hidden.  It's just a text field with no script trigger or other tricks.  The keyboard will do this as long as I'm willing to sit there and watch it, and I can't enter text.  It does it on any device running Chrome.  I tried it in Safari on an iPad, and no sign of the behavior.  Please see attached GIF.  If anyone has seen this, or has an idea, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance -