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Webdirect POPOVER doesn't show at the first click

Question asked by jasongan on Sep 15, 2014


Webdirect POPOVER doesn't show at the first click

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Hi Forum,

I wish someone can shed some light on this webdirect issue:

I have a table "ITEMS" and "ZONES". each item has different zones. On my item list, I am showing heading " item ID" and heading "Zones"; under heading "item ID" I am showing the field "item ID", under heading "Zones", I am showing "view" popover button. 

First time when you click on "view", I will populate that item's zones into the zones table ( which has fields: id, item id, zone, selected) . for example, for Item ID=1, I populate 3 zones records: 

Item Id=1; zone="a";

Item Id=1; zone="b";

Item Id=1; zone="c";

When I click on "view", I want to show the popover window to show related zones, so I can select which zones. On the popover window script trigger ON-Object Enter I am trying to check if the related zones populated, if not I will just populate them.  the populate zone script is just like this:
if (count(zones::id)=0
New window
Go to layout "Zones"
New record
Set Item ID="a"
New record
Set Item ID="b"
New record
Set Item ID="C"
Close window
The popover window is always showing correctly in FileMaker Pro 13. But in Webdirect, the first time I just don't see the popover window, and I have to click on the "view" button second time, so the pop-over window is able to show.  
I think the problem is "new window" and "close window", as Webdirect doesn't support multiple windows !
I tried to  go to  an object ( which the object name is within the popover window) at the end of the population script, but still not working in webdirect.   BUT in FileMaker Pro is always working fine.
If you know any work around for this, please advise.