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    Webdirect removing Databases



      Webdirect removing Databases

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           How do you remove a database from the main home page? I listed a database that I did not want to show, so how do I remove it?  

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          Wade Knopf: 

               Thank you for the post.


               To remove the display of a file's name from the WebDirect Home Page:


               1. Open the .fmp12 file with the FileMaker client.

               2. File > Sharing > Configure for FileMaker WebDirect…

               3. Select the file in the list on the bottom left.

               4. Check the box for "Don't display on FileMaker WebDirect homepage" (See screenshot below.)


               Alternatively, the fmwebdirect privilege could be removed ( File > Manage > Security… ) for all accounts and this would keep users from accessing the file using WebDirect. 



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