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      WebDirect Tab Control Text

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      Hello all: In my company we have created a database and uploaded to the server and published it with web direct.  We've run into many problems, and I've found solutions for most. But I can't seem to figure this one out. I have a tab control, all the labels are calculations of TextSize ("some text" & ¶ & "more text" ; 12). In FileMaker it works perfectly. But in WebDirect the paragraph doesn't show and the text size stays the same. I've tried using stuff like TextSize ("some text" ; 12) & ¶ & TextSize ("more text" ; 12). I tried using "some text"& ¶ &"more text" and the paragraph still doesn't show. I used TextSize ("some text" ; 12) and the text stayed the same size. Nothing says this function isn't supported in WD. I've used custom functions and nothing works. Any ideas? Also, I'm a long-time reader but brand-new user of the forums, so if I need to post this in a different section, don't hesitate to let me know. :P

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          Patrick Barlow:


          Thank you for the post.


          Testing has confirmed that paragraph text styles are not supported at this time in WebDirect. 


          This is documented at the bottom of page 14 of the WebDirect Guide:


          "FileMaker WebDirect offers limited text styles. Rich text, highlighting, paragraph text styles, and tab stops are not supported."


          Additionally, on page 10:


          “Other features like certain text formatting simply don’t work.”


          I recommend you also enter this information into our Feature Requests web form at:




          The entries into this web form populate a database file hosted by Development and Product Management where each entry is discussed and considered for inclusion in a future release.



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            Alright. Does anyone know of any work-arounds? Simply putting text right on the tab control might work, but because of WebDirect I would have to make the text a button that runs a script like "Go To Object...". But I have enough tab controls that that would take a while.