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    WebDirect: Post-log-out redirect?



      WebDirect: Post-log-out redirect?

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           What might be a way to redirect the visitor's browser to a fresh URL after logging the user out of a WebDirect application?

           The "Close Window" script step seems to be the best way to log out a webdirect user, but subsequent script steps like "Open URL" do not proceed after the window is closed. 

           Is there another way to close a session perhaps, or to fire another script to run after the window is closed?

           Or should I be looking for a way to change the logout behavior in vaddin or webdirect?

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               At least one solution seems to be to modify the iwp_home.html file to do the redirecting. This disables the default "list of databases" page or otherwise bypasses a custom home page if you've created one, but it serves the purpose.

               In my case, I modified iwp_home.html to include only this chunk of code, which immediately redirects the browser upon loading the page. Hat tip to Sydney:

          <script type="text/javascript">
              top.location.href = "http://<site url to redirect to>/";
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                 This functionality is needed as part of the design of a particular solution, therefore at the client/ script level and not requiring a server side hack.