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    WebServer not starting in FMS10



      WebServer not starting in FMS10

      Your post

      This is on an Intel Mac running Mac OSX server 10.5.8



      This server was running OK for 6 months on FMS9 until I got a message that the WPE component was not responding.

      I had seen something similar in another client so I took a shortcut based on that experience; 

      Logged in, uni-installed FMS9 and installed a trial version of FMS10, but unfortunately no WPE


      The webserver was down in the OSX admin console and the IT guy managed to get that back up and running (folder permission issues and apache issues).

      Enabled TomCat there via checkbox

      But this did not solve the WebServer inside FMS issue, it still refuses to configure. see screenshot log for details


      Any help appreciated, the database runs well but I need the WebServer to run the SuperContainer from 360Works and this installation will not complete w/o properly running webserver. 


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          Please FMI, this is an urgent matter. FMEurope suggested to post here as it was beyond their capabilities to address this issue and I could expect a reply on short notice from this board.

          Peter Sijmons

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            Thank you for your post.


            I would uninstall everything, since the problem could lie in several different areas.  Therefore, close out your database files and copy the database folder to the Desktop.


            Stop FileMaker Server Services (which may already be the problem) and remove the FileMaker Server folder.


            Next, reboot the server so we start with a fresh memory map.


            Launch the Mac Utility "Terminal" and enter the following command:



            sudo cp /etc/apach2/original/httpd.conf /etc/apache2/httpd.conf


            Reboot the machine and verify the correct ports are open.  For a listing of ports, please see Knowledge Base Article #6427:




            Now, reinstall FileMaker Server.


            This will give you a fresh install with basic files.  When finished, you can place the database files (that were moved to the Desktop) into the appropriate folder.



            Please keep me updated with any progress.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              thank you TSGal,

              I will keep your solution for future ref. Meanwhile I convinced this client to buy a Macmini server and use that as a dedicated host machine to prevent these issues in the future. This allowed me to do a clean install on a brand new machine which went smoothly as usual. From unpacking the box to having all up and running in their network was less then 2 h.


              As FMS10 was uninstalled on the first machine, I had no chance to test your solution, but thanks anyway.