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    What can I use to get IWP email working



      What can I use to get IWP email working

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      Good morning all, I've installed FMSA11 on *ugh*W2k8. (Will someone *please* tell FIlemaker to port FMS to Gnu/Linux) My VP wants to have email capability from the Web for the ticketing system we're building, i.e. click on a button and an email is sent with ticket subject and notes included. Essentially the same way it works on FMP. So, any suggestions? I was looking at the 360 software solution, and I don't think it does what I'm asking; of course, I could just be reading the docs incorrectly. Thanks much! Peace, V

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          How are your clients connecting to the database? From Filemaker Pro? (If so what version?) or from a web browser?


          Filemaker has a built in option: Send Mail, that can be configured to work with the client's email program (If it's the right software and if you are using filemaker Pro clients.) The resulting email is plain text only, so you'd use an email plug in if you need more capabilities.

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            Via the Filemaker Pro client, email works fine using the end-user's local email software. It's connecting via IWP, i.e. over the Web that I am trying to enable. We're building a ticketing system that will allow our end-users to submit tickets via the Internet and have them send us an email with the ticket info if the ticket is 'critical' Thanks for your response thus far, I appreciate the time you're taking to help out. Peace, V
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              Have you tried using Send Mail with the SMTP option instead of email client?


              Please note that I haven't actually used this option. From what I've learned here on the forum that should work for you if you can get your SMTP server properly configured to work with filemaker.


              You might also play with using Open URL with a "Mail To:" URL expression. That should cause the client's web browser to open an email on their machine's email software if they've set their browser up correctly.

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                I'll take a crack at that.  I have SMTP configured for notifications on the server proper.  It alerts me of backup completions and erros on the server.  Didn't think of the 'mail to' tag.. I'll let you know how it went..

                Thanks again for your suggestions.




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                  The Mail To: tag works well, nice call!  The only issue I have now is to be able to extract particular fields from the database and populate the email client with them.. for instance if there is a field in an entry called "Subject", I have to be able to enter that field in the Subject line of the email.

                  When someone clicks on the button with the MailTo tag, it is the browser that interprets the URL string, for instance

                  mailto:admin@place.gov&subject=some stuff

                  and so on is read by the browser, and not the Filemaker server, thus getting info from a field to the button would require a script in filemaker to populate the URL with mailto: tag, as opposed to a pre-defined static entry.


                  Man, this is ridiculously complex.  If you produce a web based software, it seems archaic to not provide a simple email facility for the web pages.  Ok, enough whining.. time to figure this out.


                  All I want to do is this:

                  one of my users goes to a webpage to enter a trouble ticket.  She fills in the ticket form, but it's a really important ticket that needs immediate attention, say the Sr. VP's computer is threatening to explode.  I want her to be able to click on a button on the web page that sends an email to the support staff with the details of the ticket included in the email.


                  It is possible, indeed, easy to do in the FMPro client, but I cannot find any similar facility for IWP.


                  Sorry to be still on this thread, but I really want to get this to work.



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                    On the Mail To URL, You shouldn't need a script, just a calculation field that builds the link by combining the contents of various fields to produce the desired link.


                    You should also be able to get this to work using Send Mail with the SMTP option, but as I said earlier, I'm just reading the documentation to you as I don't have this set up to play with. I do see posts here where people have had to work a bit to get it configured correctly.

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                      Now I get it! Thanks man! It worked like a charm. ;-)

                      For future information seekers:
                      To send an email from an IWP enabled database in FMP and FMS 11 without involving the user's email client or logon, do the following:
                      Create a button right click on the button and click on 'Button Setup'
                      Highlight 'Send Mail' (near the bottom of the list)
                      click on 'Specify' In the 'Send via' drop down,
                      select 'SMTP' click on 'Specify'
                      The top section can be used to populate the fields of the email, either statically or pulling fields from the database the
                      lower section is needed to connect to the sendmail server.
                      Most SMTP servers require some level of encryption, normally SSH on port 465, but YMMV
                      Note: the 'password' field, after you enter the password is not easily recoverable, so there is a level of security there. I've not tested it however, so I'm not sure how strong it is.

                      Phil - *THANK YOU*, very much for all of your help.


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                        I am going crazy in trying to solve this, can someone please help me!?

                        I am able to send mail with the send mail script step if I connect with a FMP client, but not when connecting with IWP. Same settings so it should work, right?

                        Just to be sure that nothing else is in the way, I have created a script with *only* the send mail script step, and I have also checked the "Run script with full privileges".


                        What is wrong!? :(

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                          Which option did you choose?

                          Email client or SMTP server?

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                            SMTP server. I have tried both on the Mail server itself, as well as a standalone FM server (where it is now).