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    What File Maker to get??



      What File Maker to get??

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           I need help choosing what Filemaker I need.

           We have an office useing Windows Server 2012 and terminal server.  We have 5 users each using a different terminal server license.

           We would need to be able in real time update the Filemaker database from each of the users simultaneously is this possible?

           Do we need A license for Filemaker on each of the licenses for Terminal server?

           And What about Ipad?  Can we get RealTime updates to Filemaker Go on the IPad?

           I guess I just need to know what all to get to see if the ROI would be worth it.

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               I'm not sure how the model works for Terminal server but FM GO 12 is free and such iOS devices can connect via WiFi or 3G/4G as yet another client of a hosted database. It's also possible to download data and then "synch" such data back to the hosted copy at a later time if your iPad user cannot keep a good wireless connection going due to the limitations of the environment in which it must be used--though this is a significant complication of how you manage your data so you don't want to go that route unless you have to.