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What is the cause of file corruption?

Question asked by sjfmacct on Jun 23, 2011
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What is the cause of file corruption?

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Each week, we boot FileMaker server one time.
Before booting. we
1. make a copy of all FileMaker files
2. disconnect all users in admin console
3. close all files in admin console
4. stop FileMaker server in cmd-line,
   fmsadmin stop server
5. stop FileMaker service in in Microsoft Service

Although we carefully, cautiously and properly go through every step, still
every a few weeks, the primary file (3+GB, the largest in DB) got corrupted.
We have to replace it with a backup file.

Usually it stops at step 4. After typing password, it hangs forever.
If you keep going through step 5, it will also show "stopping" forever.

Thanks for any help.