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    What is/causes FileMaker Server Error 474 ???



      What is/causes FileMaker Server Error 474 ???

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      I am getting the following error when trying to load a plugin with FileMaker Advanced Server 9.


      I've checked the documentation and done various Google searches, but cannot find any discussion of error 474.


      Here's the email notification I get from the server:



        FileMaker Server on SXFMP reported the following event:


        2008-12-16 09:13:24.177 -0600 Error 474 SXFMP Plug-in failed to load: 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin 



      I've installed the plugin in both the FMP & IWP directories:


        /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions

        /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/wpc/Plugins/


      I've use chmod command to fix their permissions


        chmod g+wrx <filepath> 



      and I've verified that their owner & group is set appropriately:


      drwxrwxr-x   3 fmserver  fmsadmin  102 Oct 14 09:31 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmplugin



      But, every time I try to enable the plugin in the FMP Admin Console, it sends me an error 474 email message.


      I suppose it's possible there is something wrong with the plugin I'm using (ScriptMaster 2.0.5a) but I still am not able to find any documentation on error 474.

      I am able to enable the previous version of ScriptMaster (version 2.0.3) doing exactly what I've described above. So if I had some explanation of what causes error 474, that would help me determine whether to direct my efforts in troubleshooting this problem.



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             Have you contacted the guys at 360Works? They will probably have the best information about what is causing this error.
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            Yes, I posted a similar message on their support forum. Still awaiting a response.


            The reason I posted here, was that I cannot find any documentation from FileMaker on error 474. I've checked the posted documentation and technical support database. Nothing.


            I was hoping to get some feedback suggesting things to try. Unfortunately, the error is not specific at all. It would be nice if the error gave a more specific reason. Such as "incorrect permissions on file" or "not a valid plugin file" or "failed checksum" or whatever.


            I've encountered this error before, and usually it was when the permissions were not set correctly.


            I can't explain why, but I've encountered instances where changing the ownership via Finder's Get Info wouldn't work (even though it appeared to do so), but using chown in the Terminal finally did. I'm confident that's not the case this time, but last time that happened I got the same "Error 474" over and over until I happened on the solution... 


            I've verified the permissions so I'm not sure what else to try. Others appear to be using this updated plugin fine, but I have no direct evidence.


            I will try it on another server when I get a chance.