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Where is default php folder in OS X

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Jul 23, 2009
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Where is default php folder in OS X

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Sorry if this is answered already but I'm having trouble finding it if it is.


We have been using FMSA 10 starting shortly after its release.  Our web sites have been set up using XSLT.  We are trying to switch over to PHP.  When installing FMSA 10 we chose to use the standard PHP in our Mac OS X Server 10.5.3  as we were using some other PHP pages in our site and did not want to have to adjust them to the FileMaker version of PHP in the event of any conflicts.  They worked so we left them and the PHP as it was.


Now that we are ready to try using PHP to get at our FileMaker data I believe that I need to add the contents, FileMaker.php and the FileMaker folder to our existing PHP.


Where specifically do I have to put it considering our default Apple PHP installation?  What exactly should be done to assure proper permissions on the file and folder once they are in the proper location?  I am comfortable with using Terminal but do not know the proper commands to change permissions with it.


Alternately, can I have the FileMaker tested PHP setup to run without a reinstall on the web server? 


Thanks for your time.