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Where to download FileMaker.php et al

Question asked by RivardIT on Feb 22, 2010
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Where to download FileMaker.php et al

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Short version: Where can I download (presumably containing FileMaker.php and Date.php and any files they might require) without having FM Server?


Longer version:


I have a client who is using a 3rd-party FM host, which does support access to FM databases via php.  I do not own FM server nor does my client.  I need to write a script that accesses his database through php.  The script will not be hosted by the FM host, and therein lies the problem.


I've successfully run the PHP Assistant and it created a batch of scripts for me, but they require_once the files FileMaker.php and Date.php, which are included with FM server.  I suspect that these files are in the include path on the FM host's web server, but again that's not where my php script will reside.  I've contacted the host, but I suspect they're just going to tell me to host the script that accesses the database on their site (possible, but not optimal).


Is this file available to download somewhere?  Thanks in advance.