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Where's my file?

Question asked by TerryCarlson on Sep 14, 2011
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Where's my file?

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Okay, I wrote a database to allow students to signup daily for a 7th period class using FM Pro 10 Advanced.

The database worked great so I tried using the IWP to allow 5 computers to access the DB at one time and it again worked great. (Okay, I had to make some small alteration, but in general it worked just fine.)

So this week, I downloaded a trial version of FM Server 11 Advanced to allow 27 simultaneous access points and again, things went smooth but it did leave me with two pressing concerns:

1) When students logout, I would like the default homepage to be the loggin page rather than the "choose which database" since it is the only DB running but so far I have not been able to change it and get it to work.


2) Where is the data I received actually stored?  I have the original file on my desktop but it has not changed since I uploaded it to FM Sever 11.  However, when I loggin to the DB from a different computer using a web browser, I see that the students have signed up and the data is there.  What I would like to do is get the new file with all the data so I can take it home and work on a few more things for the database (like reports for the principal) but I cannot find it.


Thanks, TC