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    Where's my file?



      Where's my file?

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      Okay, I wrote a database to allow students to signup daily for a 7th period class using FM Pro 10 Advanced.

      The database worked great so I tried using the IWP to allow 5 computers to access the DB at one time and it again worked great. (Okay, I had to make some small alteration, but in general it worked just fine.)

      So this week, I downloaded a trial version of FM Server 11 Advanced to allow 27 simultaneous access points and again, things went smooth but it did leave me with two pressing concerns:

      1) When students logout, I would like the default homepage to be the loggin page rather than the "choose which database" since it is the only DB running but so far I have not been able to change it and get it to work.


      2) Where is the data I received actually stored?  I have the original file on my desktop but it has not changed since I uploaded it to FM Sever 11.  However, when I loggin to the DB from a different computer using a web browser, I see that the students have signed up and the data is there.  What I would like to do is get the new file with all the data so I can take it home and work on a few more things for the database (like reports for the principal) but I cannot find it.


      Thanks, TC

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          2) Where is the data I received actually stored?

          The data is stored in the copy of your file that you uploaded to the server. You should use server to schedule regular backups of this copy.

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            When I open (using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced) the file on my computer that was uploaded to the FM Server 11 Advanced (on the same computer), it is missing all of the data that was inputted by the students earlier in the week.  However, if I go to another computer and login via the web browser, I can see all the data but cannot do upgrades (layouts, new reports, or other things).


            At this point, I really want to grab the file (with data), transfer it to a jump drive, and bring it home so I can work on fine tuning it.  However, I would like to do this with the current data in tack so I can see better what the reports will look like for my principal when he looks at the end of each day.

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              When I open (using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced) the file on my computer that was uploaded to the FM Server 11 Advanced (on the same computer)

              You are opening the wrong copy of your file. The upload process copies the files from their current location to the folder specified via the Server Admin console as the location for files that it will host over the network.

              Launch the Server Admin and look at Database Server | Default Locations to see where this folder is located. Once you know this location, you can use the server admin console to close the file, then you can use your operating system interface to move or copy this copy of your file to your jump drive and then you can return to the console to re-open the files. If you don't want to force people out of the database by closing them, you can use a back up schedule to make a back up copy of your file and then you can move this back up copy to your jump drive.

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                You can also modify the file remotely leaving it on the server. Such changes need to be timed to not interfere with other activities. For instance you could from home close the server to others for a few hours while making your changes on the server copy.

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                  Thanks Phil!  I knew there had to be a different location but when I did a SEARCH, only the file on my desktop was showing up.


                  Anyway, I found the file and will now be able to make the needed updates for my principal. Thanks again.


                  By the way, any suggestions for my other problem: How to get a different HOMEPAGE when students logout of their session?  I have tried putting a copy of the website with the name changed to imp_home.html in different folders that I have read about in this forum, but to no avail.

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                    Thanks also to you Jack for your response.  My problem, as you probably figured out, was that I could not find the Server version of my file to work on it but I got that worked out today.


                    Do you have any suggestions on how to fix my other concern: Changing the homepage after logouts to just go back to the login screen rather than back to the "select a database" screen?

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                      Sorry, typo on previous post: I changed the name to:  iwp_home.html

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                        Have you read the pdf on iwp that you can accessusing the Help:Product Documentation:Instant Web Publishing Guide?

                        I thought that IWP would revert to the home page if you opened IWP using a web page but...