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    Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2 Hardware Requirements



      Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2 Hardware Requirements

      Your post

      If you've been follow my Console Crash thread you probably were expecting this post :smileywink:


      Sometimes it can be expensive to save money and I fear that this may be one of those cases. After reading the spec sheet on FM Server 10, our local hardware geek is recommending upgrading the RAM to 2GB and installing a larger Hard drive instead of completely replacing the machine with a new model.


      Current System:

      2.80 Ghz CPU

      504 MB RAM

      1 Physical Hard drive partitioned into two partitions 12.0 and 62.4 GB


      That leaves me concerned about the CPU because the spec sheet states "Pentium IV 3,4 GHz or Higher". Our hardware guy thinks that it'll run just not at peak performance. If He's right, this'll work since these machines will have less than 10 simultaneous users and they won't be triggering a log of calculation heavy tasks all at once.


      Will this work?


      2nd question: All the specs for all hardware configurations specify an 80GB drive. Does this mean one partition of at least 80GB? (Our total file size is a bit under 4GB and growing slowly)


      I'd hate to see my boss think he's saving money only to have to completely replace the servers anyway.


      A Filemaker Tech response would be greatly appreciated.

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          I think that'll work.

          I'd make that 12gig bigger though. Windows eats it up really fast.

          IMHO - make 1 partition. 

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            "I think that'll work."


            No offense MikeyG79, but that doesn't exactly give me a sense of confidence here.


            Anyone from Filemaker Inc care to comment?

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              Well, our old server was a 

              Prestonia 2.4GHz (2 CPUs, 2cores each)

              1gig PC2100

              with a mirrored HD 


              throw some RAM in it, and make a single large partition and it'll be good. (Windows will chew through that 12gigs fast) 

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                Thank you for your post.


                Our Technical Specifications require 80 GB as a minimum.  That means, we have tested it here with less than 80 GB and ran into a problem.  With that said, a lot depends on the number of files, the amount being backed up, how many backed up copies you require, etc.  There needs to be enough space to allow for this.


                A lot of people are watching their costs in today's economy, so it MAY work, but it is recommended that you work with the minimum requirements.



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                     I was more concerned about the CPU being slower than spec'd. This is now a non-issue for us as we have replaced the hardware with a new machine that exceeds minimum specs in all areas by a wide margin.
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                    Another direct question ducked...


                    After working with a 2.8 MHz machine for quite a while, I can't reccomend using a less than spec computer for anything other than [reasonably stable] basic sharing.


                    We are running FM Server Advanced 10 (previously Server 9 and 8 on the same machine) under Windows Server 2003 SP2, and it is not a dedicated machine (we're a non-profit strapped for resources).  We were able to run FM Server 9 [and now 10] for basic functions (~5 client connections, regular backups, some limited PHP hosting) once we upgraded memory from 512 MB to 2 GB memory; but there persist some problems with advanced functionality (PHP & XML) that I attribute to not meeting the minimum specs.


                    Today I was trying to use the PHP site assistant to set up access to our most complex table (in terms of number of fields [157] and number of layouts [33]).  The site assistant chokes after authentication, but before I can choose a layout group.  The site assistant appears unable to retrieve the full list of layouts and fields from the table, based on the scanty information in the FM Server logs (particularly pe_internal_access_log.txt)  Half the time the assistant makes an XML request to retrieve the layouts or field lists, it returns a 401 error (despite being present and well formed request).


                    I plead with the powers that be to purchase a appropriate dedicated machine, but for now we have to work with what we have.