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Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2 Hardware Requirements

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 19, 2009
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Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2 Hardware Requirements

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If you've been follow my Console Crash thread you probably were expecting this post :smileywink:


Sometimes it can be expensive to save money and I fear that this may be one of those cases. After reading the spec sheet on FM Server 10, our local hardware geek is recommending upgrading the RAM to 2GB and installing a larger Hard drive instead of completely replacing the machine with a new model.


Current System:

2.80 Ghz CPU

504 MB RAM

1 Physical Hard drive partitioned into two partitions 12.0 and 62.4 GB


That leaves me concerned about the CPU because the spec sheet states "Pentium IV 3,4 GHz or Higher". Our hardware guy thinks that it'll run just not at peak performance. If He's right, this'll work since these machines will have less than 10 simultaneous users and they won't be triggering a log of calculation heavy tasks all at once.


Will this work?


2nd question: All the specs for all hardware configurations specify an 80GB drive. Does this mean one partition of at least 80GB? (Our total file size is a bit under 4GB and growing slowly)


I'd hate to see my boss think he's saving money only to have to completely replace the servers anyway.


A Filemaker Tech response would be greatly appreciated.