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    Windows 2008 R2 Filemaker 12 Advanced server php errors



      Windows 2008 R2 Filemaker 12 Advanced server php errors

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           I have a Server running Windows 2008 R2, IIS7, Filemaker Advanced Server 12.03.  I want to run instant web publishing and php publishing.  I am using FMS' php.  All of this on the one Windows 2008 server


           PHP scripts that don't query the filemaker databases run just fine.  Those that need to access the Filemaker server generate this error in the Filemaker Server logs:

           localhost - PHP 802 565  /fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-d 


           The test instance that comes with FMS works just fine, including the php test.  I get a web page with data in it.  I have looked at file permissions for this directory and mimicked what was done here as closely as possible.

           Any ideas/thoughts?

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               Did you get anywhere with this as I have the exact same issue on the same kind of setup. Using the sample scripts and database (FMPHP_Sample.fmp12) sometimes gives the right kind of result and other times will just generate an error and stop working. So for example clicking the link for the "America 24/7 Example" sometimes returns the list of results and other times just brings back

          Error: Unable to open file


                              America 24/7 Collection
                              Title                     Publisher                     Qty Available

               The only thing in the FileMaker logs that matches the datestamp for the error is


      - PHP 802 565 "/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=FMPHP_Sample&-lay=Form View&-findall&-sortfield.1=Title&-sortorder.1=ascend". This means that the scripting of php/XML for database access is unusable as it isn't consistantly working. No changes are made to the server that would explain the failure to be able to open the file.
               I can't find anything in the Event Viewer on the server that matches the datetime of the issues or mentions anything like it.
               Does this sound familiar to anyone else?