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Windows Home Server WHS IIS and FS11A Instant Web Publishing IWP

Question asked by BSFWNY on Jul 25, 2011
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Windows Home Server WHS IIS and FS11A Instant Web Publishing IWP

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I have successfully deployed Filemaker Server 11 Advanced on an Acer Easystore H340 Windows Home Server WHS. I have also successfully configured IWP and can see the FMServer_Sample database from a browser and internet connection. This file is also available on the LAN for clients running FM Pro when attempting "Open Remote". So, all looks good. But....

My concern is with the directory location of the database file and I am wondering if there is any variability for this. Here's the situation:

The Acer WHS comes formatted with the OS and program files on a C: partition that is 20 GB. Filemaker server is installed onto this, in the normal "Program Files" directory. Next, there is a D: partition that consumes the balance of the 2 TB drive. This is where "shared folders" are located. Contents of these folders are automatically backed up onto additional hard drives in the system.

I would like the mydatabase.fp7 file to be located in a shared folder on the D: partition for two reasons: 1). so that the 20 GB of the C: partition is not gobbled up by a growing database or multiple databases and 2). so that the database file(s) are automatically backed up.

The system has IIS and the contents of the Web Publishing folder have been moved to: <root drive>\Inetpub\wwwroot which succesfully IWP'd the FMServer_Sample database to the internet, but this file is located in the "Databases" directory for Filemaker Server within the Program Files on the C: partition.

My question is three-fold: Can the mydatabase.fp7 file be located in some other directory within the D: partition and 1). be shared accross the LAN for use by clients that run FM Pro, 2). be shared accross the internet by TCP/IP for use by clients that run FM Pro, and 3). be served via Instant Web Publishing?

If so, how then do we tell FM Server Advanced to point to the database.fp7 file?

Many thanks for your assistance.