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Windows Server 2003 Folder Read Write Permissions?

Question asked by philmodjunk on Mar 30, 2009
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Windows Server 2003 Folder Read Write Permissions?

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The hardware tech just Delivered a new server to replace one that just didn't have the hard ware moxie to support FMS 10. I'm now testing the scheduled backups tool that the older server simply couldn't manage.


We were able to install FMS.

I was able to create a new directory with two subdirectories on the server's D: drive and upload my files to these two sub directories.

I then edited the daily back up schedule to back up the entire contents of one sub directory to a specified folder on the D: drive.

The schedule's paths are Valid.

I ran the schedule

The schedule aborted.

Checking the Log, I find: "schedule "Daily" aborted; the destination "filewin:...." is not writable"


On a hunch, I checked the D: drives directories and their properties.

The specified backup folder had been created.

The specific back up folder with date and time stamp in its folder name had been created.

The properties for both of these folders showed a greyed out check in the Read Only check box.

I can de-select this control but when I click Apply and OK. I find nothing has changed if I re-check the folder properties.


Anybody got a clue?