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Windows Server 2008 mysteriously restarts

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 15, 2009
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Windows Server 2008 mysteriously restarts

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I suspect that this is not a filemaker server issue at all, but am hoping a fellow user may have seen this behavior and can suggest a possible cause.


The entire computer will shut down and restart without warning. It happens after days of running correctly and occurs at no set time nor corresponds with any specific activity. This is a new system that we are currently using for testing purposes and is on, but idle most of the time.


The event log simply states "the previous system shut down at (a time about 3 minutes earlier than the log entry) was unexpected."


Anybody had this happen before?


System Info:


Windows Server 2008 Standard SP1


Intel Xeon 2.5 Ghz CPU

64 bit OS