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Windows service account (FM 11 Advanced)

Question asked by DavidScheiderich on Oct 12, 2010
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Windows service account (FM 11 Advanced)

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Im trying to setup FM Server Advanced 11 on a Windows 2008 x64 virtual mahcine. Things are working fine, but I would like to set FileMaker service to run as it's own account, in lue of the "Local System" account as set by default.

However, when I do this in Server Manager, the service will start/stop; but does not appear to be opening the fp7 files, nor accepting network connections. If, I add this service account to the local "Administrators" group, then it works fine.

Is there a way to get File Maker to run in a seperate unprivledged account on windows? If not, are there any recommendations for locking it down if it must run as Local System?