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Working with data on hosted files is so slow!!!

Question asked by EvanStein on Jun 4, 2013
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Working with data on hosted files is so slow!!!

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     Good evening, everyone!


     I'm new-ish to FileMaker.  I have a FMServer (brand new dedicated iMac) and a single user license for use on my laptop and on the server (one at a time, of course).

     I designed a database to track products that I deliver to customers... very basic stuff.  Shipping, inventory, payments, bla. bla. bla.

     The database file itself is only about 8Mb in size, and when I run it locally, first when I was programming it on my laptop and then on the server machine, it runs flawlessly.  But when I try to work with data remotely on my laptop (on the same local network... no Internet connections involved) or on my iPad with FMGo, it is UNBEARABLY SLOW!!!

     Considering the whold file is only 8Mb, I can't imagine where the bottleneck is.  I could transfer the file back and forth quicker than I can load an invntory report consisting of 500 sorted records.

     As I said, the database works flawlessly when it's run on the local machine, but when it's being hosted it's torture.

     Does anyone have any insight on this?