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Working with PHP Site Assistant (and custom web publishing)

Question asked by DavidLubin on Jun 22, 2011


Working with PHP Site Assistant (and custom web publishing)

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I've been trying to decide whether to purchase Filemaker Server or FMS  Advanced and it looks like I'll be basing my decision on how much I can  do with the PHP Site Assistant. Is it possible to upload pictures to  container fields when working with a database in a PHP generated site? Also, I would imagine that one could use plugins  and his/her own knowledge of PHP to modify the website after it is  generated (add new pages, move things around, etc.), right? I'm getting  comfortable with the SuperContainer plugin for IWP which makes it  possible to upload pictures to a database online, and it seems that it might be possible to use that somehow, but the immediate question is whether it is even possible (I'll worry about the "how" later).

Oh, and I have one more really silly question that's been driving me crazy: how do you run the API for PHP??? I know nothing about PHP programming, but I intend to do the tutorial and I've spent about an hour searching the internet and the documentation for how to make the interface appear on my screen. Where is it hiding??

Edit: as far as I'm aware, I've done the manual installation already.