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    Working with SQL, ODBC under Windows 8 using FM 10 pro



      Working with SQL, ODBC under Windows 8 using FM 10 pro

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           I am working with FM 10 pro that I installed under Windows 8. I properly defined the SQL driver under USER and under SYSTEM to look at my localdb server on (Localdb)\Projects which is in one of my C: drive subdirectory.

           I am able to test the connection on the ODBC set-up and it works. I am also able to access the ODBC drivers when I tried an IMPORT from FILEMAKER and correctly detect the fields on the table that I use in SQL 2010.

           Now I want to declare the External Database using the ODBC instead of the FILEMAKER so that I can select the SQL driver and use the SQL table in my relationship table of the FILEMAKER database. When I do that I want to create an external connection using the "Manage External Data Source" and it sends me to "Edit Data Source" where y select Type: ODBC.

           When I hit the button on DSN "Specify" , the "Select ODBC Data Source" comes in empty (no selection shows up on the data sources available.

           Is there an issue with Window 8, SQL driver on ODBC, and FILEMAKER 10 pro ???

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               What you have there is a pretty rare situation.  An older version of FileMaker with an OS not officially supported by any version of FileMaker.

               I personally can tell you that I am running FM12AS on Windows 8 and am able to ODBC into a MySQL database just fine (I know, it's not SQL 2010).  I created the ODBC connection as a system DSN. I would try creating a connection from another priogram like Excel and seeing if it works there, just to be sure.  If it does work, there could be a compatibility issue...   

               Also: Make sure you have set the ODBC driver up in the correct version of ODBC--32 bit and 64 bit.  If you set up a 32 bit driver in 64 bit ODBC, which you can do, it won't work.