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    Would this work?



      Would this work?

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           I am not sure what I need. I saw that there is a promotion for $399 you can get Filemaker starter bundle, and then noticed this was only for the first year, so maybe not for me. Basically, what I want to do is serve a FileMaker database to 2 users and one admin (who should also be a user) over wifi and/or over the Net.

           I need the utmost security so no one can copy my DB and run with the data.

           I do not want to pay some yearly plan.

           I do want my database to look as beautiful as possible for the users.

           I was thinking all I need is a copy of FileMaker pro (I wasn't sure if instead Filemaker Server would be what I need, or if FileMaker Pro Advanced would give me nicer layouts), one Mac to deploy it from which will be the admin's Mac who will also be a user, and 2 iPads with hardware keyboards attached and Filemaker Go for each user, avoiding the licensing scheme.

           Of course I want each user to have their own username and login.

           Would this work?


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               If this starter bundle is from FileMaker Inc., then the "one year" refers to their "maintenance agreement". For the period of your maintenance agreement, you are able to download any new release of the program for free, but your database application will still work long after this period expires, it just means that after that time, you have to purchase any upgrades instead of getting them for free.

               So what you describe will work, but it will depend on your expertise with Filemaker and database design to make it work to your satisfaction. What will work on the Mac computer with FileMaker Pro won't always work or at least won't always work well on the iPad with FM GO as there are differences in operating system, FileMaker Software and the underlying hardware that can affect how the database functions.

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                 Your right, there are limitations. For example if I receive an email in Mail with an attachment and want to stick this in my DB. Therefore, using iPads is out.

                 So if i wanted to serve my DB to other Macs over wifi and wanted it to be secure, do I need Filemaker server, or could I do this with FileMaker Pro alone? Or what setup would you recommend for me based on my first post? I mean what exactly would I have to buy? How about if I wanted to serve over the Net? Could I do this from my own webspace or would it be through FileFinder's webspace?

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                   I recommend that you navigate to the product pages here on this web site and read the info for your self.

                   FileMaker Pro can host the database for up to 9 other computers to access over your local network. Each needs its own install code so you would have to purchase a separate copy of FileMaker for each or acquire a volume license install code. You may want to talk to a FileMaker Sales rep to see which option will be less expensive.

                   Alternatively, you can use Instant Web Publishing to publish the database and then your other users can access the database via their web browsers. This saves you money on the front end, but the web browsers will encounter some significant limitations that FileMaker Pro users will not have. IWP from FileMaker Pro supports up to 5 simultaneous web browser clients.

                   But even if FileMaker Pro will work for the number of users you plan to have accessing the database at any given moment, FIleMaker Server offers significant advantages for managing a hosted database so you should look over your options carefully.

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                     When you say File Maker Pro can host a database with 9 users. Is that sharing? Or could 1 person have admin access and the others have limited user access.

                     Regarding web access with FileMaker Pro, how likited is that, can users upload files such as PDFs and Word Docs to the DB? And would users also have limited access compare to the admin? Also, would users not have the ability to copy the DB in table view aside from taking screenshots?


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                            When you say File Maker Pro can host a database with 9 users. Is that sharing? Or could 1 person have admin access and the others have limited user access.

                       I am deliberately not using the term "sharing" in my posts. Filesharing via a directory that all users can directly access the file, is NOT how you "share" a FileMaker Database. It can corrupt the file. One computer--the one computer that stores the physical file should open the file with either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server. The other computers, each with FileMaker Pro installed with proper licensing info, then launch FileMaker Pro and use "Open Remote" to access the database. Any of the users accessing the database may do so with admin privileges if you choose to allow that. Much depends on how you set up access privileges in the database file.

                       There is more than one way to publish Filemaker Databases to the web. Using Instant Web Publishing (there's also custom web publishing), users cannot upload files to the database via their browsers unless you acquire a third party tool that adds that capability. I'm told that Supercontainer offers that added capability and this is a product that you can web search to learn more about.

                       Copying the DB is not something one normally wants to allow users to do. Not only does this represent a possible security breach, it can result in confusion over whether the user is opening their copy or the hosted copy. However, it is possible to export data from FileMaker databases if you do not choose to prevent it via access privilege settings in Manage | Security.