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Would this work?

Question asked by EfronHirsch on Dec 4, 2012
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Would this work?

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     I am not sure what I need. I saw that there is a promotion for $399 you can get Filemaker starter bundle, and then noticed this was only for the first year, so maybe not for me. Basically, what I want to do is serve a FileMaker database to 2 users and one admin (who should also be a user) over wifi and/or over the Net.

     I need the utmost security so no one can copy my DB and run with the data.

     I do not want to pay some yearly plan.

     I do want my database to look as beautiful as possible for the users.

     I was thinking all I need is a copy of FileMaker pro (I wasn't sure if instead Filemaker Server would be what I need, or if FileMaker Pro Advanced would give me nicer layouts), one Mac to deploy it from which will be the admin's Mac who will also be a user, and 2 iPads with hardware keyboards attached and Filemaker Go for each user, avoiding the licensing scheme.

     Of course I want each user to have their own username and login.

     Would this work?