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    WPE gone down



      WPE gone down

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      All of a sudden the WPE has a red dot in the admin console and there is an error message "Error encountered communicating with the server"

      This set-up has been working for the last 2 years.

      Server / Windows 2003.


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          Hi rwalsh:

          Thanks for posting.

          What is the processor speed and ram on your server?

          How many network cards are enabled on the server?

          Are any websites running through IIS?

          The first thing to try for this issue will be rebooting your server and re-deploying the web server.  First, make sure all users are logged off the server, and then reboot the server machine.  Once the server is back up, launch the admin console.  In the admin console, click the link “Edit Server Deployment” on the right of the overview.  In the deployment, make sure “enable web publishing” is set and IIS is set for the web server.  Let me know if any errors occur while deploying the web server.



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