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    wpe1 error message



      wpe1 error message

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      Our Filemaker has been running fine for months, I think for a year now.  All of a sudden, a few hours ago, I started receiving this email, abount once an hour for the last 4 hours. I haven't done anything to the server, except restart it because someone did something that killed all the terminal connections to it.  So I restarted the server and everything is working, except I get this message, and I have no clue what to do to fix it.?  Please help. 


      FileMaker Server on RC reported the following event:


      Mon Dec 07 16:28:43 PST 2009 FMS ERROR wpe1


      Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: COMPONENT IS NOT RESPONDING.


      FileMaker Server automatically sent you this email.  Contact the administrator if you no longer want to receive these notifications:

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          I've been getting the wpe1 error on my FileMaker Server 10 Advanced server. It's a Windows 2003 box. Were you able to resolve this? I've tried restarted the server and that doesn't help.



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               nope, no one has contacted me yet and I still recieve emails with that error, just not every day, only once in a while.
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              Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


              FileMaker Server checks the web publishing engine hourly.  If it does not see a connection, then an error is sent saying it is not responding.


              Try looking through your Web Logs for clues.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                So when it finds a network connection, it will reestablish the connection automatically I'm assuming, right and stop sending those error messages.


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                  hi all,

                  in my fms10a (not the 9 like yours) installation i get the same error messages.


                  it is a windows server 2003 enterprise server, 180 day trial, build 3790, sp2, all patches from patchday installed, running under vmware fusion on a macintosh mini.


                  although i get the error message, all is working perfectly. with one exception. my backup time schedule is set up to run daily, 14 days on hold, no ending date. but after 10 to twenty days the backup time sched will stop an no more backups will be made. when this happens, i simply restart the virtual machine and all will work perfectly for the next ten to twenty days.


                  because the machine has a limited lifetime of 180 days, i didnt spend any work on solving this problem. but if someone has a solution an am strongly interested.


                  until now i thought that it is some timing problem under the virtual machine,  so please tell me if your problems are on a real machine or on a virtual machine...




                  the complete error message:


                  FileMaker Server auf FMP112JAN2010 hat folgendes Ereignis gemeldet:


                  Sat Jan 23 02:08:25 CET 2010 FMS WARNING wpe1


                  Es wurden einige Probleme in WPE COMPONENT erkannt: POTENTIAL PROBLEM.


                  FileMaker Server hat Ihnen diese E-Mail automatisch gesendet.  Wenden Sie sich an den Administrator, wenn Sie diese Benachrichtigungen nicht mehr erhalten möchten:

                  haifischbar softwareentwicklung <XXXXXXXX@gmx.de>

                  Telefon: XXXXXXX



                  Sometimes it is POTENTIAL PROBLEM, some times NOT RESPONDING



                  greetings from germany 


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                    kapitaen said:

                    "but after 10 to twenty days the backup time sched will stop an no more backups will be made. when this happens, i simply restart the virtual machine and all will work perfectly for the next ten to twenty days."


                    Have you checked the schedule's status when this happens? I suspect they will still show as "running".

                    Have you checked the log to see if they completed? I suspect that the log will show the backups started, but never completed.


                    I and others have encountered this and have had to restart our computers when it occurs.

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                      yes, the status shows "wird ausgeführt / running".


                      i checked the backups by opening them with fm pro, they are complete and integrity is ok.



                      the status is now: running

                      last completed: 23.1.10

                      next sched: 24.1.10   oops it has just happend again ;-)


                      looking at the backup directory: last backup is 24.1.10, complete and integrity ok


                      some excerpts from system log:

                      24.1.10, 02:18:39, event 639,

                      Konsistenzprüfung von Zeitplan "taeglich14fach" erfolgreich bei Sicherung von Datenbank "zeige_fortschritt".


                      24.1.10, 02:18:40, event 150,

                      Zeitplan "taeglich14fach" fertig ausgeführt.


                      24.1.10, 02:18:40, event 126,

                      Zeitplan "taeglich14fach" für 25.01.2010 02:00 eingeplant.


                      24.1.10 02:30:00, evtnet 126,

                      Zeitplan "taeglich14fach" für 25.01.2010 02:00 eingeplant.   (same evnt a second time? why this? looking back to the days where no problems occurs, 126 always appears twice)


                      25.1.10 02:00:00, event 148,

                      Zeitplan "taeglich14fach" wird ausgeführt.


                      this is the last system log entry, but the backup for 25.1.10 never really started.


                      and now, the next system reboot ;-)



                      greetings from germany




                      @filemaker ... the machine is a virtual machine, running under vmware fusion on macintosh mini. if you were interested, i could make a backup and send it to you.


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                        Thank you all for the additional information.


                        Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments have logged an issue with this same message.  They are asking for log files.  Therefore,  I would like to get all the log files, including Web log files.  I have sent each of you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) where to send the files.



                        FileMaker, Inc. 

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                          So was this issue resloved?  I am now encountering the same error and there seems toi be a lot i\of issues that are similar, but no one ever posts a solution.

                          Windows 2003 Server, FMSA

                          No firewall, no AV (for troubleshooting of course)

                          And I have uninstalled/resinstalled