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Writing an ODBC import script for use at the FMServer

Question asked by TomPeters on Sep 18, 2012
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Writing an ODBC import script for use at the FMServer

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     Hi all. I am attempting to write a script, to be run as a scheduled server script, that imports records from an ODBC data source at a regualr interval (every night). My FMServer is v11.0.3.309, and my client app is FMProAdv v11.0v4.

     I have successfully installed the ODBC driver for my SQL server data source at the FMServer, as described in the doc "fm11_odbc_jdbc_guide_en.pdf". I know the driver is there, because from my FMA client app that driver appears properly if I add an External Data Source (ODBC) and browse the DSN entries under "Specify...". YET when I create the actual script to be run at the FMServer, the IMPORT RECORDS script step doesn't acknowledge the presence of the SERVER data source driver, only my local drivers show up. 

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Might I be required to write the scipt AT the FMS host machine to actually access those drivers?  That would be quite difficult, since the FMS is hosted by a managed IT team at a different location. Any ideas?