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Wrong Extension ?? Contacts.CRM

Question asked by wimrippen on Sep 25, 2012


Wrong Extension ?? Contacts.CRM

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     I have a Database called Companies in the Server FM pro Adv 11 upload and that works fine with ODBC.

     I need to upload also an External file (from CRM Business Machine) called : "Contacts.CRM".

     First with this extension, It did not accept it, then renamed to Contacts.fp7, that worked , importing the contacts in the

     FM Server worked fine, but I need to get it also with ODBC support, which after import is not checked green,as the first Companies fr7

     How to make it ODBC ?  I need that for Crystal Reports XI to make reports from this CONTACTS (ex CRM Bus.Mach)

     which is by the way  a Program based in FileMaker. in the extension I see it it "RUNTIME" file database.

     With the first"Companies"and the CReports  I can make reports. with Filemaker ODBC"installed in System DSN


     Would be most gratefull, if somebody clarifies how to approach this matter.