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xDBC Listener crashing with SyncDek access

Question asked by TravisButler on Jun 8, 2011
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xDBC Listener crashing with SyncDek access

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FMSA running on Windows Server 2003.

Our IT group updated to at the end of last week. Ever since then, we've been having problems with our SyncDek audit logging solution hanging; after contacting WorldSync and doing some investigating on the server, it appears that SyncDek is hanging because the fmxdbc_listener.exe process has crashed. (fmxdbc_listener version is listed as in Server 2003's Event Viewer crash record.) I've passed this information on to WorldSync to see if they're aware of any issues with SyncDek accessing the xDBC listener process after the update, but I also wanted to follow up on the fmxdbc_listener issues from this end. So a couple of questions: 

1. Has anyone else been seeing problems with the xDBC drivers crashing? The most recent post I found on xDBC crashing issues was FileMaker ODBC Problems, which refers to the 11.3.76 drivers; I haven't found anything else after 4/27 when the 11.0v3 update and 11.3.81 drivers were released. Since the problems started right after updating to 11.0v3, that's my prime suspect for the crashes.

2. The crash seems to happen at around the same point in the process, when SyncDek is accessing a particular table and possibly even a particular record in the table. Is it likely, or even possible, that a particular record might have bad data that would crash fmxdbc_listener?

Many thanks!