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    XSLT resource X could not be loaded because of an unexpected error (MCS-604)



      XSLT resource X could not be loaded because of an unexpected error (MCS-604)

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      I've setup an XSLT to send some emails out for my database, as described on this web page:



      It's been working great for a long time.  However, recently the server has been presenting an error message when users visiting the xsl page (via a button/script on the database page).  Despite the error, the email goes out and looks fine.


      I enabled the development mode for XSLT to get a slightly better error message; I get 


      The resource http://3@ could not be loaded because of an unexpected error 
      (MCS-604)     File: send_email.xsl Line: 78 Column: 67


      The best part is that line 78 is only 65 characters long... (66 if you count the newline).  In addition, I never changed the xsl file, so that makes me think something is actually wrong with the server.


      I tried restarting the database server (and WPE), but that didn't help.


      This is FMS10 Advanced, running on Mac OS X Server 10.4.11.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Since this was previously running properly, something has (obviously) changed.  Restarting the machine and FileMaker Server is a good starting point, as it reduces any memory issues.


          If line 78 is only 65 characters long, and it is giving an error in column 67, I'm wondering if there are any "hidden" characters (null, high-ASCII, etc.) embedded on that line that is causing the problem.  My first reaction would be to edit the style sheet, insert a line before line 78 and type the line again.  Do not copy and paste, as this would include any bad characters.  When finished, remove the bad line, save, and try again.


          If this doesn't work, do you have a backup of the XSLT style sheet?  If so, try again with the backup file.


          If this fails, then uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server, since some part of the program may have been compromised.


          Please keep me apprised of your progress.


          Sorry I don't have a definitive answer, but there are a number of possible causes, and I need to eliminate them one by one.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            In my experience this is related to an issue with the password associated with your FileMaker access.  My guess is your database is password protected, and that the last character in your password is 3.  The character immediately proceeding 3 is probably the at-sign (@).  FileMaker WPE and/or the web browser interpret that character for its own purposes, so you cannot use it in your password if you want to access a password protected FileMaker database.

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