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[API for PHP]Suddenly the find doesn't work, please help...

Question asked by cuitw_1 on Mar 30, 2011
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[API for PHP]Suddenly the find doesn't work, please help...

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Hi there,

I am creating some new pages using API for PHP and  everything has been great. Yesterday, without any changes made to the  scripts, the find page suddenly not working! It always returned the error  "No records match the request". I find it difficult to imagine what is  happening.

Oddly enough when I came back to the office, it wroked again... I am  wondering if it is a coding issue(I hope it is). I was thinking that it could be a server/networking issue. The  problem is that the module will be released for agents and clients  around the world and the eight other offices of our company in other  cities to access. It could be a big problem if it suddenly stops  working. I hope that there is a way to prevent it from happening again.

Also  the error FileMaker returned was "No records match the request", that  means the script was able to communicate with the FileMaker server(It is  a two machines implementation) but it somehow did not return the found  set as it was supposed to. Any clue?

Did anyone have the same problem? Any help will be greatly  appreciated! It is a really rush project and it is driving me crazy.