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How to track inventory with multiple unit of measure?

Question asked by starstuff on Jun 10, 2015
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How to track inventory with multiple unit of measure?


Hi All!


The products i need to track are in different / multiple unit of measure from purchase to sale.


you purchase the product by "Box"

and you sell it per "Piece"

sometime you sell it package like per "Dozen", "Half-Dozen"


ive been thinking how to handle this, im afraid that the inventory can result in wrong inventory records.


my idea is to have separate unit of measure to track each inventory

product: Eggs, i have to track dozen, half-dozen, pieces

say, purchasing a

2 dozen eggs = 24 pieces of eggs = 4 half-dozen

i would have a calculated record for each units

dozen = 2

pieces = 24

half-dozen = 4


if then i sold 2 half-dozen eggs, the record will be

dozen = 1

pieces = 12

half-dozen = 2


then i sold another 5 pieces of Eggs, the record will be

dozen = 0.58333 (not sure if its correct)

pieces = 7

half-dozen = 1.1666666 (not sure if its ocrrect)


the problem i see here is that because i have several units of inventory to track, means there is a greater chance that a unit inventory can go wrong?


i would like to ask some advice on what to do? anyone had encounter this before?


Thanks All!