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Filemaker Won't Import Bento Data

Question asked by acuratic on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by acuratic

I run Filemaker Pro 11.0v2 and Bento 3.0.5.  I have successfully been importing Bento files to Filemaker for months without issue.  Now I get the message "You must have Bento 2 (or a later supported version) installed on this computer.".  and Bento data can no longer be imported.  I've seen posts for older versions of both Filemaker and Bento having this problem.  I removed then restored from Time Machine the "com.filemaker.bento.plugins.plist" file in Preferences. Didn't work. Here is the contents of that file:


bplist00“^A^B^C^F_^P^REnabledDataSources_^P^ZEnabledImportExportPlugIns¢^D^E_^P#com.filemaker.bento.datasource.ical_^P*com.filemaker.bento.datasource.addressbookß^G^H^G _^P1com.filemaker.bento.importexport.testimportexport_^P(com.filemaker.bento.importexport.bentodb_^P%com.filemaker.bento.importexport.text_^P$com.filemaker.bento.importexport.xls_^P%com.filemaker.bento.importexport.xlsx_^P(com.filemaker.bento.importexport.numbers^H"?Bhïù—¸^A$^AK^As^B^A^Aû


Any suggestions?