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    MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.3 pre-releases


      In this thread I want to keep you guys informed about progress in development of the next version of our MBS Plugin.


      Please post questions on separate threads or send us emails.


      Download here:



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          * Changed Text.DecodeFromHex to ignore a prefix 0x in the text.

          * Rewrote PHP plugin part to use PHP version 5.6.12 and work with 64-bit.

          * Added new index parameter for SerialPort.Open function.

          * Added new socket functions: Socket.GetBroadcast, Socket.GetMulticastLoop, Socket.GetMulticastTimeToLive, Socket.GetTimeToLive, Socket.SetBroadcast, Socket.SetMulticastLoop, Socket.SetMulticastTimeToLive and Socket.SetTimeToLive.

          * Added DynaPDF.GetGStateFlags and DynaPDF.SetGStateFlags functions.

          * Added CMYK options for DynaPDF.RenderPage and DynaPDF.RenderPDFFile.

          * Fixed a problem with Calendar functions running out of memory.

          * Fixed problem in UnZipFile.ReadToFile with zero length compressed files.

          * Added DynaPDF.InitColorManagement function.

          * Updated CURL to version 7.44.0.

          * Fixed bug in DynaPDF.RenderPage which prevented use of resolution = 0 for using fixed size.

          * Updated Files.MoveToTrash to use newer API to work better on OS X 10.8 and newer.

          * Changed Files.Launch to accept more than one file as parameter.

          * Added SQL.GetRecordsAsText function.

          * Added Window.AddBottomOverlay function.

          * Updated openssl to 1.0.2d.

          * Updated DynaPDF to version

          * Updated libcpuid.

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            * Updated DynaPDF to version

            * Added Social and SocialRequest functions to use OS X social accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

            * Changed window functions to once again accept three ways: Empty parameter or zero for front window, ID number for Window reference or title of any window.

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              * Added more modes to auto, pdf, png, jpg, tif, gif, bmp or psd.

              * Added Text.ReadEMLXFile function.

              * Added new Audit example showing audit log changes in portal.

              * Added new parameter for List.RemoveDuplicateItems to remove all duplicates without leave one.

              * Added new XML.Import functions.

              * Added some Windows support for URLScheme.SetDefaultHandler.

              * Added FM.InsertRecordTSV function.

              * In Addressbook API you can now specify the group by name instead of ID.

              * Fixed bug in DropView which was not removed properly on closing from the window.

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                * Added DynaPDF.ShowDifferences function.

                * Added QuickList.List and RegEx.List to list IDs of current lists or regular expressions.

                * Fixed bug in PHP plugin which caused crash with phpinfo function.

                * Added Container.Compress and Container.Decompress functions.

                * Added compressed option for Files.ReadFile function.

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                  • Fixed bug with sending emails. Inline graphics were not embedded correctly.
                  • Updated DynaPDF to version
                  • Fixed a bug in WebView.Screenshot with use of more than one display on Mac.
                  • Fixed a bug with SystemInfo.OSVersionString not reporting Windows 10.
                  • Changed SystemInfo.isWindows8 to return true for 8.1, too.
                  • Updated libXL to version 3.6.4.
                  • Fixed bug in RichText.ReplaceText which now works with empty text.
                  • Changed RegEx.Match to return empty result instead of error for now match.
                  • Added functions for email parsing.
                  • The internal SQLite library now includes the SQLite Encryption Extension.
                  • Added internal SQLite library which you can activate and no longer need to provide sqlite dll/dylib.