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FieldStyle of a repetition

Question asked by Extensitech on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Extensitech

I'm not sure if this is a bug, insufficient documentation or, more likely, I'm missing something.


I have a layout "widget" I'm working on, which has multiple repetitions of a global field, and each repetition may have a different value list.


I thought it might be nice for this particular widget (though not really critical) if I could hide fields when they were assigned to a value list, but that value list (based on related records) was empty. This would prevent, for checkboxes and radio buttons, the user seeing the "<no values defined>" message.


(I understand that I could explicitly set these rules, but I'm trying wherever possible to let the widget figure out its own configuration, without having to set the value list and then adjust the hide when as well.)


Anyhow, given four fields that are four repetitions of my global, each with a value list, FieldStyle returns the style (including value list) on the second repetition every time, regardless of which repetition I pass. Not the first, which I could at least understand. Further, it doesn't seem to matter the position of the second repeitition on the x, y or z axis; it seems to be referring to the first repetition of the field that was put on the layout.. Experimenting, I found that FileBounds seems to do the same thing.


I can come up with plenty of other ways to make my widget do what I want, and the hiding wasn't critical anyway, but I'm wondering if I'm missing a finer point of how FieldStyle and FieldBounds work with repetitions. Can anyone shed any light on this? Perhaps it's expected functionality, but the help documentation just doesn't mention it?


Chris Cain