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    Password issues?


      The Jive site seems to be having issues with passwords.  The pop-over login screen doesn't accept the UN/PW combo, but the full login page appears to accept it just fine.  Before that I had to reset my password a couple of times because neither page would accept it.  (I'm copy/pasting it in so I'm pretty sure that it's not a typo issue.)

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          I have had to reset my PW here five times now.  It seems that every day I have to reset it.

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            Hi Justin, could you give me some details on your OS and browser? I take it that you enter a username and password and it's rejected, and eventually you give up and reset it instead. That sounds really inconvenient.


            I haven't had that experience, and I log in a lot -- but I'm curious whether we'll hear from other people who are having the same trouble. Either way, I'd like to investigate this with Jive Support, and any details you can give me will help.  Thanks!

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              Well tar and feather me, I may have just figured out the problem:  it appears that capitalization matters for the login name.


              I was having troubles logging in here again to try and reply, and was just about to reset the PW.  I did a bit more testing this time, first.  If I use "JustinC" as the login name it would fail.  If I used "justinc" it would succeed.  I verified this a couple of times.  So something in the PW reset process lets me log in with "JustinC", or maybe it doesn't care what the login name is because I am following a link from the email.


              The browser auto-fill text was for the capitalized version, which is why it was failing all the time.


              -- J

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                Hooray -- thanks for figuring that out and sharing it with the rest of us -- very good to know!