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Execute SQL Distinct

Question asked by sccardais on Aug 27, 2015
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I want to create a global list of unique years to facilitate searching by year using a checkbox.


I have an ExecuteSQL statement that works in the Data Viewer but doesn't work when entered as an auto-enter calculation for a field.


This is the statement that works in the DataViewer with results that are almost instant


ExecuteSQL ("SELECT DISTINCT c_Year FROM Transactions";




c_Year is a text field with a text result.


g_Year is a global text field with the ExecuteSQL statement above as the AutoEnter with calculation.


If I configure the field as a calculation field with this SQL statement, it works for takes forever to complete as I have almost 10,000 transactions. The calculation does not work if the field is Text with this SQL  as the AutoEnter with calculation.


What could be going on here?