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Scripted Date Range find fails, manual w/ same criteria succeeds

Question asked by grandmoffcolley on Aug 27, 2015
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I have built a vast multipurpose database in MS Access over the last three years.  Many of my contemporaries are finally making the jump to OS X and so I need to move over to FMP.  So far, I like it a lot.  I haven't had any success yet because some of my queries were quite complicated.


Anyway, long story short I am converting the first of my Reports over today and hit a road block right off the bat.  I have a Layout which serves as a Report Menu.  On that page are two entry fields tied to global dates.  There are then multiple buttons below to select which report you want to view, using the global dates as a Find range.  It isn't working, I get this error: "The provided find criteria is not valid.  Enter a valid request before proceeding."


Here is my script:

Go to Layout [ "Out of Pay Plan Payments - Salesperson" (COMM) ]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [ COMM::Date ; Global Fields::gDate1 & "..." & Global Fields ::gDate2 ]

Perform Find [ ]


I got this right out of the KB so I had assumed it would work.  All of the fields are 'Date' fields.  When I manually run the Find with these criteria, it works.  All the other entries I have found in the discussion section pertain to more complex situations that this one so I couldn't quite adapt them to work (though I did try).


Any thoughts?