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Reporting crashes: Filemaker adv. 14.0.1/ 14.0.2 crashes. Filemaker adv. 13.0.9 OK !

Question asked by dobunzli on Aug 28, 2015
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I wish to report Filemaker adv. 14.0.1 and Filemaker adv. 14.0.2 client crashes using my solution with Filemaker Server I am note able to report these issues when clicking on "Report an issue" here (there is no link to do it !).

Report an issue . Bug Report . FileMaker Forums

How is it possible to have access to this "Report an issue" ?


These crashes are very annoying and I wish to help Filemaker smash the bugs !

I have attached the crash console logs to this message.


Since I reverted back to Filemaker adv. 13.09 client and I have no crashes anymore.