[ANN] FileMaker Fanatics E003 is live! [XPOST]

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Aug 28, 2015

Hi All,

FileMaker Fanatics E003 - "FileMaker 2015 DevCon recap and more" is live!

Just in time for relaxing weekend listening.

(Currently on YouTube with Show Notes and Timestamp Links. No RSS feed on the to do list.)

FileMaker Fanatics - E003 - FileMaker 2015 DevCon recap and more

[begin excerpt]
In this episode of FileMaker Fanatics, Scott Rose, Aaron Schacht, and Tony White talk about the FileMaker 2015 DevCon, "input masks", RESTful APIs, anchor buoy and the selector connector,, calendar options, plugins and 3rd party products, and provide a FileMaker Fanatics logistical update.
[end excerpt]


Easy feed your FileMaker fanaticism.

All the best,

Tony White