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    Beginer help records managment


      I'm very new to file maker. I have built a database with personal info then other info . I want to be able to fill in all other info again without loosing previous data and be able to flip through the previous data. I don't even know where to start. I have no info in the database and I'm willing to share if need be.

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          Hi Dave,


          Posting an example might help people understand.


          If I'm understanding, you created two tables, one for personal info and one for other info. Basic RDBMS (relational databases) structuring calls for a second table only being needed if the data is repetitive. EG if you don't expect to have multiple "other details" records for each "personal info" record, then there's really no reason to have two separate tables over one individual table.


          If your source data is in two separate sources, then FileMaker has a great feature for importing against matching records to be able to merge two data sources into one, as long as you have a unique identifier in both tables, (even email address works in a pinch).


          You might need to provide more details or a demo copy of your file if you had more specific questions.