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Problems exporting sub summary values

Question asked by rcxyz on Aug 28, 2015

I'm a newbie to FileMaker, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

I have a table of donations and I want to summarize the donations by user and export the donor ID and the donation total.

I have created a summary field, called Total Donations.

In my script, I take the following steps:

1. Enter Browse Mode []

2. Go to Layout ["Donation Report" (Dontations)]

3. Sort Records, with sort order of "Donor ID" and Reorder based on Total Donations

4. Export Records [No dialog, "donor_test", Macintosh]  Group by: Donor ID    Field export order:  Donor ID, Total Donations]


When I do this as a layout, with no Export Records, I can see the sub summary value along with the Donor ID, but when I export, all I get is the Donor ID.


I think I am following the instructions, but obviously, I'm not.


Any ideas or insights?