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Pedigree with common ancestors highlighted

Question asked by erinrac on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by erinrac

Hi, while new to FileMaker, I am quite comfortable and have succeeded in producing a pedigree from a self join animal table.


my query is how to best find animals that appear more than once in the pedigree and then to give each of the repeated animals a coloured background to their name on the chart ... this allows me to quickly identify inbreeding in the pedigree. So if Fred appears three times then Fred can have a soft blue background, if Maggie appears twice, she can have a soft green background, etc; ie each repeating ancestor needs a different coloured background.


I am using FM pro 14 advanced, but haven't touch on the advanced features ... Yet

many thanks



ps if this is coming up a second time, I apologise, but when I did a discussion search I couldn't find it, as am reposting