email cut off for third time this year

Discussion created by sporobolus on Aug 28, 2015
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call me old-school, but i use the email feature to send me every message in this forum; despite the numerous quirks in Jive's email implementation, this is much better for me than trying to follow via website, mainly because my email client has a much more efficient interface for my purposes, and i get a permanent archive


however the email service is unreliable


for the third time this year, email delivery was cut off for my account on the morning of 22 August; not fully cut off — the "FileMaker Community Updates" messages kept coming (i don't read these but i use them as markers for a days worth of messages) — but all discussion messages stopped; last time this happened i fixed it this way:


my email delivery from this site stopped; here's how i fixed it


this time i only logged into the site, i think it was on 26 August, and loaded my "inbox"; then late on the 27th, email deliveries resumed


i'm reporting this in the hope it may help improve the site's email functions, and/or help someone else having the same problem