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Wondering how to run nightly scripts

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Aug 28, 2015
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Hi everyone,


We have 2 users in total right now which will probably be that way for awhile.  We have a FileMaker host that works fine as we use the desktop apps, but they don't support server scripting which I THINK I need to run scripts on a schedule overnight etc?  Others seem to charge like $5 per script and so on.  I only need it for something basic, such as checking nightly for records that are a certain age and sending an email notice and so on.  Because it's just 2 of us and I have 3 licences for FM Advanced, I was going to put FM on a Windows 8 virtual server that I have running on a dedicated server we have in a data center.  I tried this with our database just turning sharing on and setting FileMaker to launch at startup with that file etc, and it works literally identical to our FM Server host.  Such little users that if any problems I can easily pop in to fix it.  So was thinking as well that could be an option, using that machine which is always on, to run something on a schedule.  Can FileMaker scripts run on a schedule or on a loop every so many hours etc, or would I have to set something up on the PC side like a macro?  Thanks!