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    FMPUG - Dallas Meeting Sept. 4 2015:  Selector Connector


      Dear FMPUG Dallas Chapter:


      This month's FileMaker Pro User Group Dallas Chapter meeting will be Friday, September 4th, 11am at the "Egg & I" restaurant, 15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Dallas, TX  75248. Meetings are are held monthly on the First Friday of each month. The meeting is free, but the food costs.


      Brad Stanford of Tranquility Basics will be our presenter this month and the topic is SelectorConnector. Come here Brad Stanford teach us about the Selector Connector way of managing context of layouts and the relationship graph.  


      Future Meeting Dates and Presentations:


      09/04/2015 - SelectorConnector  (Brad Stanford)

      10/02/2015 - Dashboards  (Dennis Burnham)

      11/06/2015 - TBA

      12/04/2015 - TBA

      01/01/2016 - TBA

      02/05/2016 - TBA


      FMPUG Chapter Information and schedules are posted at http://www.fmpug.org/dallas


      We are always looking for good presentations. Let me know if you are available for a presentation about a topic or solution. Or let me know if there is a topic that you want to learn more about.  


      I hope to see you this month! Be sure to invite a friend, especially if they use FileMaker or are interested in databases!



      FileMaker Pro Users Group (FMPUG)

      Dallas Chapter Coordinator




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          Brad Stanford did an excellent job presenting SelectorConnector and its modularity benefits, etc.  There are lots of articles out on the web about it already, many from SeedCode, but it is good to hear a presentation in person. 


          Like many FMPUG presentations, it is the little things I learn that are always fun.  My favorite trick I learned at this FMPUG was that Brad showed us if you are copying and item in one layout and go to paste it in another layout, it often doesn't go in the exact same location.  Sometimes you really would like it to go in the exact same place.  So when you go to the new layout, toggle to browse mode and back to layout mode and when you paste the object, it will go to the exact same pixel location.  Nice!


          The other fun thing from the FMPUG meeting was that Dennis Burnham talk about an article by Scott Love of Soliant Consulting about Rapid application development and FileMaker Go verses native development solutions.  Pretty good article if you're interested in such things:  Rapid Application Development: Go Native or Go Platform | App Developer Magazine


          We sure had a good group this month and just about ran out of chairs.  Fun to see so many people.