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    Maintaining the current record when browsing to a different, related table




      When I browse from one table to another table in a related database I find myself looking at the most recently viewed record in the new table irrespective of what record I was looking at in the previous table.  It would be nice if filemaker could 'remember' which record I was focused on when I switch between tables, and navigate to it.


      Is there any way to do this?  As we'll be primarily accessing the database via WebDirect I've added buttons/scripts to navigate between tables, so adding a command to those scripts to accomplish this would be an easy fix.







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          Hi Damian,


          I'm confused, if you're navigating away from one table to another, why would you expect filemaker to make any assumptions for you based on the first table? Tables are related yes, but their sort orders, found sets and focused records are all independent. FileMaker does remember those things though, because if you navigate back to the first table using "go to layout", you'll be in the same found set, sort order and position that you were in when you initially left.


          Native behavior, if you're using the "go to related record" script step, is to put focus on the first related record through the relationship. Still, your second table really has nothing to do with what's focused in the first table.


          Of course scripting your navigation is ultimately the easiest way to have complete control, maybe I'm just not understanding what your issue is, but it sounds like you just need to understand the default behavior.