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    Frequent crashing of FMP 14 Advanced


      Here are parts of crash reports. Activities at time of crash have varied.

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          I am not an expert in reading crash logs, but sometimes even the blind hen can find some corn. But it is even worse with screen dumps ... a text file will probably be easier - also for those who are better at reading crash logs.


          And you do not write anything about when the crashes occur, how often, for how long time, whether they also appeared before updating to FileMaker 14.0v2.


          Is it happening in special situations, for both Windows and Mac users (or it is Mac users only). Is the file running of a server or locally (in the last case you may have a problem now).


          Please supply more information and I am sure that a lot of people will be able to give you their input.


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            Sorry Carsten, I'd posted before (Filled out a bug report, which I no longer find) and the request was made for this info. The crash report does not allow me to copy to a text editor, hence the screen shot. I'm a Mac user, on OS X 10.10.5 The file is local. I'm in the process of developing it, it is not being used by a user/users.


            This is been happening way too long for my liking. I've re-installed FMP 14 Advanced (up to date), no change. It's happened on any number of activities, so there seems to be no pattern. It starts with the spinning ball - I hold my breath - and it may or may not crash. The only pattern, if it is called one, is when I shift from one thing to another - from Scripts back to the layout, from the layout back to browse, from Manage Database back to browse/layout,etc

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              Thank you for your posts.


              Thread 0, the crashed thread, is generally system related.  Only in the last screen shot do I see "2empowerfm", which according to an internet search, appears to be a FileMaker plug-in.  I would first disable it, and if the crash still occurs, remove it.


              The next time you crash, take a screen shot of the crashed thread.  No need to include header information.



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                Did it again. I’ve taken out the plug-in (2PowerFM).



                Here’s the crashed thread.

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                  There is no crash report thread.



                  When FM crashes, it can cause a database to become corrupt.  The plug-in could have been the cause of the crash to begin with which then caused the database to become corrupt then a corrupt database can cause crashes.    You can run recover on the database to see if FM finds any corruption.  Note even if FM does not find corruption, does not mean there is not anything corruption in the database.   The next step would to be to test a brand new database with the plugins disabled.

                  When you try a new database, don't copy anything from your old database because you can copy the object that is corrupt to the new database.   I would suggest creating a brand new database from a starter solution to test.