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Filemaker Server 10/11 Pro version, Editing Layouts

Question asked by PHolbrook on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by schamblee

Right, so we are having an issue where the original filemaker creator has left the company, and passed away so we are are in various stages of needing to edit layouts, configure data, and move forward getting things corrected.


Right now, we have Filemaker Pro 11, and our server is Filemaker 10. What I need to do right now is be able to edit a Layout. We have 12 premade databases (fp7) files that we are using. Whenever I try to edit the forms, I cannot. I cannot also login as an Admin on the forms, even though I recently reconfigured the admin console to be able to get into it and setup a username/password.


I am familiar with editing layouts, and how it is done, but I cannot even access the security options, or manage anything as it is all greyed out, and our admin console shows the only "account name" is one we use to log into the form that has no privilages.


What can we do?