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    Filemaker Server 10/11 Pro version, Editing Layouts


      Right, so we are having an issue where the original filemaker creator has left the company, and passed away so we are are in various stages of needing to edit layouts, configure data, and move forward getting things corrected.


      Right now, we have Filemaker Pro 11, and our server is Filemaker 10. What I need to do right now is be able to edit a Layout. We have 12 premade databases (fp7) files that we are using. Whenever I try to edit the forms, I cannot. I cannot also login as an Admin on the forms, even though I recently reconfigured the admin console to be able to get into it and setup a username/password.


      I am familiar with editing layouts, and how it is done, but I cannot even access the security options, or manage anything as it is all greyed out, and our admin console shows the only "account name" is one we use to log into the form that has no privilages.


      What can we do?



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          Thank you for your post.


          The Admin Console's login is not related to the account information on your Database File.


          You would need a Full Access account (specific to the database file) to modify the Layouts and Security.


          The default Full Access login is:

          Account Name: Admin

          Password: (Blank/No Password)


          There is no recovery process for a file's Full Access account, so you may need to go as far as rebuilding (or hiring a consultant to rebuild) your file so that it can be modified in the future.


          I hope this information is of use!



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            After further research, it seems the Database files were created somewhere else, then uploaded into the Admin Console. The only permissions on the database files is for an account that we use. But when we log in, we are only using a password not an account name for the database files. Once in, all of them load, at least 8 of the files pop up.


            What can we do? Can I change the permissions behind the scenes? What does this seem like to you? Did he create the files somewhere else and just upload them without an admin account so they cannot be edited at all, giving him sole creation and rights to the file, and actually just blocking us out? This seems like the situation unless there is an alternative to accessing the file. Problem is the guy passed away 1 month ago, and we are having his son look through the files on his home PC, and he's in Canada, so this is turned into a hunt.

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              Databases are created in FMP not in FMS. FMS is used to host the database only.  The user name and password you changed on the Admin Console has nothing to do with editing the databases.  You will need to get a copy of the database off of the server and open it in FMP to modify the database.  After changes have been made then the new database gets put on the server and data will be import into the new database from the old database.  This being said.  I would suggest, just as TSPigeon did, hiring a professional because data can be lost if you don't know what you are doing.     

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                I have a copy of the original files the creator made. When I open the files, it asks me a username and password. The default does not work, other's we've tried do not work. We get a account name and password dialog box come up when we open the databases through FileMaker 11 Pro. This is what I am trying to fix, as the only account we can log in on, matches the one in the Admin Console on the database file itself.

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                  The user name and password is set to prevent the database from being hacked, it is not made to be worked around.  You will have to obtain the user name and password.   The default user name and password is Admin and the password field is empty (no password).    If the default doesn't work then you may be in trouble.  Most people use the same user name and password for several different programs / websites and or write them down.  You might ask his son if he knows any common user names and passwords that his dad used or if he may have a notepad with the user names and password written down.  He may even had software on a tablet or smart phone that tracked  user names and passwords.  


                  You may have to create a brand new database and import the data from the old database.  Just make sure that more than one person has the administrative user name and password to get into to the database.