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Not enough memory to complete this operation

Question asked by MattLeach on Aug 31, 2015
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Im in the process of reviewing a database made by another developer in order to make some changes.


In the dataviewer, I setup a quick calculation to make sure it accomplished what was needed based on fields and relationships that already exist. I setup the calc, clicked evaluate and it performed what I needed.


I then setup a new calc field with the same calculation and when I attempt to save it I get an error saying 'Sorry, there is not enough memory to complete this operation'.


Thinking I copied things wrong from the dataview, I went back in to my saved calc in the dataviewer, clicked evaluate and received the same error.


If I close out of the file and come back in and evaluate the calc, it works again. IT appears as though I am only able to run it once, then I get the not enough memory error.


I've never come across this error before.


I've notice that in this database there are a TON of unstored calc and the calc I was writing references some of those, could that be the issue?