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Discussion created by jmyers.svt on Aug 31, 2015
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So I have an existing FM database currently being used for our work order management. A quick background. We are a locksmith company that does mainly commercial.


With that being said, we have master key systems for each building that we currently track using paper. I am looking to get away from that using filemaker.  I can export the master key system database into an excel doc and import into a table and display it how I need. Thats not the issue.


My question would be, how would be the best case scenario of storing the information be? Should I create a new table for every single master key system? Or would there be a decent way of putting them all in the same table and somehow assigning them with a matching customer/building?


I feel like if they were in the same table, it would get a bit excessive. And I would still have to make a layout for each system tied to each customer so that it would only show the related records. There is the possibility of having 10,000+ records on one system. The typical is anywhere from 2k-5k though. Just know, the potential is there.


Im open to any and all suggestions.